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Computer & IT Equipment Recycling

TBC Recycler & Auctioneer

If you use TBC Recycler for your computer recycling and computer disposal requirements they provide you with a fully comprehensive recycling service that exceeds the requirements of the UK regulations. Recycling and Disposal of your computer and IT equipment with TBC means that you will be helping the environment whilst fulfilling your obligations under the WEEE directive. 

Unlike many other computer recycling and pc disposal companies, TBC aim to recycle by reuse as apposed to computer destruction/disposal. The reuse of old equipment is much better for the environment than simply breaking down computers that still have life in them. Recycling in this way as little of the original machine is sent for physical destruction. Reuse results in less waste by reducing the demand for new computer production.

Computer Collections

When you book a computer recycling collection with TBC they will arrange the IT collection at a time convenient to you.  TBC only ever use their own fleet of vehicles, ensuring your equipment is secure at all times. Uniformed collection staff are highly experienced to ensure that the collection of your computers is hassle-free.

Computer Re-Use
TBC’s recycling and disposal procedure requires that all received IT equipment is processed through a recycling and servicing centre where each and every computer receives a full data wiping procedure, which is followed by a refurbishment and testing process.

Computers that have passed these rigorous procedures will then be certified suitable for reuse or alternatively deemed unsuitable and physically recycled. If a computer cannot be repaired or reused TCB will reduce it to its constituent parts. Each type of material is then segregated and sent for physical recycling.

Safe PC Disposal - Secure IT Disposal/ Recycling

UK and EU environmental legislation surrounding the transportation and processing of IT recycling and disposal is very complex. Since July 2005 scrap CRT monitors have been classified as hazardous waste and only companies who have been licensed by the Environment Agency are permitted to transport and process such items. By using companies like Safe PC Disposal to manage the removal/recycling processing of your redundant IT equipment you can ensure your organisation fully meets its legal and environmental responsibilities.

Safe PC Disposal is licensed by the Environment Agency to carry and process redundant IT equipment.
Redundant IT equipment is collected and the equipment is carried safely in satellite trackable Vehicles to an Industrial Warehouse. Once returned to Safe PC Disposal, the collected equipment is bar-coded and allocate a reference number for asset tracking. Equipment is then visually inspected and categorised for either disposal or remarketing. The IT equipment that is allocated for remarketing is then subjected to a functionality test and graded depending on condition.

Audit trails of the equipment demise are offered as hardcopy and electronic files.

At Safe PC Disposal, all hard drives are either shredded or data-erased. All company references are removed, as are security markings. In the event that security markings cannot be removed, equipment will automatically be forwarded for disposal.
Safe PC Disposal features:

  • Safety and security
  • Flexible Services
  • Accountability
  • Environmentally responsible processes

IT-Green - Secure Computer Recycling

IT-Green offers Computer Recycling services for Corporate, Educational and Government bodies throughout the United Kingdom. Their nationwide Service guarantees:

  • The removal of all corporate identification marks.
  • Compliance with stringent environmental legislation.
  • Minimal Disruption to your business
  • Trained, uniformed personnel.

IT-Green are licensed by the Environment Agency. IT-Green is licensed for the transportation of WEEE. Their premises are licensed for the storage, processing and treatment (Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) & Approved Authorised treatment facility(AATF)) of WEEE and IT hardware.


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