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Food Recycling - European Environmental Commissioners Report – More Food Recycling Needed

In a report in January 2011 the European Environment Commissioner, Janez Potocnik has praised Europe for its progress in recycling but also commented that there remains much more to be done.
He commented that we all still have a long way to go before Europe could be classed as a recycling community.

Food waste was highlighted as a continuing issue as the latest figures show that about 25 per cent of all food waste in Europe is thrown away. European leaders believe that about 60 percent of this waste could be avoided.

There is a lot of disparity in the figures between the countries within the EU. Some members reported a few percentage of waste recycling while others report rates as high as 70 per cent.
A directive initiated by European lawmakers called on member states to recycle 50 per cent of municipal waste and 70 per cent of construction and demolition waste by 2020.

There are several reputable food waste recycling companies in operation:

UK Farm Feeds Ltd – Collecting & Re-processing Bread & Cereal for Pig Feed

UK Farm Feeds provide an economically and ecologically viable outlet for the out of date bread, cake, confectionery and cereal products from supermarkets, confectioners and food manufacturers.
Supermarkets normally pay waste specialists to collect this unsold food. The waste contractors then pay landfill companies to tip this food into landfill, or send it to incineration plants.

Unsold Supermarket Food Kept in the Food Chain

Waste contractors using UK Farm Feeds can pay a significantly reduced waste disposal fee. From an ecological perspective, the supermarkets and waste contractors improve their green credentials by retaining this unsold food in the food chain rather than wasting rapidly shrinking landfill capacity.

Waste Food Recycled into Low cost Nutritious Pig Food  

UK Farm Feeds reprocess the cereal waste product to produce a wholesome, nutritious feed for animals at a fraction of the cost of normal pig feed. Also, having already been cooked, the resulting pig feed is more easily digested by the animal.
The price of feed has risen dramatically in 2010, with further rises expected. With the consumers, and especially the large retail chains resisting any attempt to increase prices, many pig farms are becoming unviable. A major Irish pig farming operation folded in late 2011.
UK Farm Feeds take unsold supermarket food and processes it into a high quality pig feed. Because the costs of this are so low, the resulting pig feed is available at a considerably lower cost. See www.ukfarmfeeds.com for details.

A national food recycling company is WasteCare.

At WasteCare, they say that they focus not just about the bigger picture of protecting the planet, but about helping you with the ins and outs of your everyday processes.
WasteCare are specialists in all kinds of recycling, including food recycling.
They say that they provide a hassle-free food and catering waste collection, recycling and recovery solutions and can confidently offer affordable waste management services that are as good for you as they are for the environment. To ensure you get more out of your recycling service, and keep more food waste out of landfill, they offer:

  • 11 licensed depots around the UK – countrywide coverage
  • Over 100 collection vehicles – fast response time, every time
  • Trained drivers – eco-friendly service when handling food waste
  • Online management – 24 hour access and tracking
  • Competitive pricing – cutting costs as well as waste

Waste & Out of Date Food Recycling & Re-Processing. Pig, Animal Feed at Low cost. Collection & Re-Processing of Waste Food Retained in the Food Chain




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