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Skip Hire - Skip Sizes

Hire Skip Types and Sizes

To help you to decide which skip is best for your requirements, we detail below some useful detail regarding each of the 3 types of hire skip.

Mini Hire Skip

  • Suitable for low volume waste projects
  • Small and convenient
  • Skip will hold approx 25-35 Black Bags
  • Skip Capacity: 1-2 cu yards (0.76-1.5 cu metres)
  • Skip Height: 2'6" (0.76 metres)
  • Skip Length: 5' (1.52 metres)
  • Skip Width: 4' (1.22 metres)

Midi Hire Skip

  • Suitable for low volume waste projects
  • Small and convenient
  • Skip will hold approx 35-45 Black Bags
  • Skip Capacity: 3-4 cu yards ( 2.5 - 3.5 cu metres)
  • Skip Height: 3'2" (0.97 metres)
  • Skip Length: 6' (1.83 metres)
  • Skip Width: 4'3" (1.29 metres)

Builders Hire Skip

  • Suitable for Domestic or Business
  • Most popular skip type
  • Skip will hold approx 65-85 Black Bags
  • Skip Capacity: 6-8 cu yards (4.6 - 6.1 cu metres)
  • Skip Height: 4' (1.22 metres)
  • Skip Length: 12' ( 3.66 metres)

Plant & Tool Hire in Essex

If you need to hire plant, tools, compressors, site electrics or access equipment in Romford, Upminster or Basildon you need Rhinos Plant & Tool Hire. Call now on 01277 372 626 or visit Rhinos Tool & Plant Hire

Storage Containers for Hire

Rhinos Plant Hire can also provide a range of Storage Containers, along with Anti-Vandal Offices and smaller Tool Chests and Vaults. Steel Storage Containers are the perfect solution for safe and secure storage on any construction or works site. These places typically need somewhere to keep equipment, tools and materials overnight. Larger items are difficult to take offsite, and it's risky to store them at home, plus theft can postpone the project. Storage containers give peace of mind that potentially valuable plant equipment, power tools etc are protected and out of sight when not being used.

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