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Skip Hire - Recycling

Some Skip Hire companies are committed to recycling as much of their customers’ waste as possible and explore every waste recycling option open to them.

S&B Waste management & Recycling, Wolverhampton, have a positive attitude towards recycling client waste:

Towards Sustainable Development
S & B Waste Management & Recycling try to maximize the re-use of non-renewable resources. Where economically and commercially viable they extract materials from the waste stream, if they can find a serious demand for the secondary materials.

If a re-usable materials has a greater market value than the cost of collecting, sorting and processing, then S&B will recycle it.

S&B’s objective is to reduce the costs of waste disposal by recycling and reusing waste materials. This in turn will help protect the environment. From the waste materials received each day, S & B Waste Management & Recycling Limited aim to recycle 70%. People are asked to assist S&B to increase recycling percentages, by segregating their waste into separate containers, before it is collected.

Wheeldon Brothers, Bury, Manchester also take recycling of waste seriously.

Recycling is a thread that runs through this company’s operation.
They have 5 picking lines and use the slogan “if you don’t recycle we do it for you”. The effect of this is that there is no need for clients to have multiple bins on site, which can be expensive and difficult to control properly.

Pre-treatment law came in October 2007. They say that using Wheeldon’s for your waste ensures you comply fully with this law at no cost to you. Around 80% of the waste they receive is recycled.
In Wheeldon’s process waste received goes through tromells to get the soil off and then feeds the picking line with mixed waste for sorting. They have invested heavily in a materials recycling facility (MRF) to minimise waste to landfill and help the environment.

At Wheeldons’s tyres are de-rimmed and shredded on site by a granulator and grizzly system. They accept all types of tyres - car, wagon and earth mover tyres. The crumb goes for horse arenas, polo fields, running tracks, road building and safety matting.

Recycling Bins
At many skip hire customers’ have recycling bins in place for paper, cardboard, soil and hardcore.

Waste recycling is a key priority for an increasing number of Skip Hire companies and many aim to  recycle at least 70% of the waste collected from their skip hire customers’.

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Which? Finds an increase in English Councils’Recycling

A study by the product testing charity Which?  In January 2011 has shown that we are recycling more than ever before in England.
English rates for recycling, re-use and composting have increased by 2.1 per cent – though some councils saw much bigger rises than this. Rugby achieved an increase of 18.8 per cent and South Oxfordshire achieved 18.6 per cent more than last year.

The average council recycling rate in England is now 39.7 per cent.
Which? deputy home editor Natalie Hitchins says: ‘Our latest research shows that 98 per cent of people recycle some rubbish, but when it comes to recycling everything they are able to this number drops to less than 46 per cent, suggesting that’s there’s plenty more we could be doing.’

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